Monday, January 5, 2015

Thursday, May 23, 2013


"Jab tak hai teri punya ki odh
Kar paap kamayi chahe lakh karod
Jis din punya honge tere vidaa
Aur udit hoga tera paap
Tulsi van ki laakdi
Jalat aap hi aap"

"For as long as your count of good deeds is higher
Commit a lakh/crore bad deeds if you like
But the day the count strikes off
And you begin to be accountable for your bad deeds
That day, (says Tulsidas) like a forest set on fire
You shall uncontrollably burn yourself down"

Actions have consequences. The universe responds to you, sooner or later. Sometimes you pay a price. Sometimes you reap the fruits. Depending on what you've done, what you're doing. Have you murdered someone? Ripped a woman off her chastity? Dishonoured your promise? Disrespected your parents? Or have you been righteous, honest, virtuous, faithful? Whatever you have been, be careful. Someone up there is watching. And when He starts accounting for what you have done, your life will begin to change dramatically.

sambhavami yuge yuge~

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


You live a million lives
in the one life you live
And breathe a billion breaths
In the one breath you take

But since you were a child 
You had this one dream for sure
That you believed in not just for a while
But one that forever stayed pure

Until time turned the wheel of fate
 And God came in like a man
who broke and tore your one little dream 
Taking away all that He can

When He squashed your faith
ripped you off your trust
Unwavered by how you felt
Laughed He have must

Just once did you take a leap of faith
When you were always so alerted
Then Why did God burn the soul
Of the child He once protected?

Now every night whom do you cry to
For God has far left your side
Now how do you think will you end this
life, you once lived with pride?

But now your dream has died
Though you have to continue to pretend
and live yet another life, in this life
and friggin' breathe till the friggin' end...

This is the end...Hold your breath and count to ten….Feel the Earth move, and then hear my heart burst again- (Skyfall)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A 25 year old's Top 10 Commandments of Life

Dear Grandchildren,

Wait. Where are my reading glasses. *cough* *cough*. Yes. Here they are. *cough* *cough*. Ah. Look at my new Mac book Pro. Shipped in straight from America. This is my first blogpost using this new-machine. Dear me. It's nothing like how it was when I started this blog. Back then, I used to blog from my typewriter. The times they are a-*cough**cough*... uh..a-changin'...

And now that I turn 26 in a few days, I have seen enough of life my dear children. I transcend into the other side of the crisis. Popularly known as the wrong side. I am more of experience, less of learning. Hmm. But actually not. I still have to learn how to backspace in a Mac. Looks like, this entire life we learn, unlearn & relearn. The times they are a... indeed...a- *cough*...chang..*cough*... Arrrrghh Bronchitis.. someday thou shalt also suffer!

And as I grew up, I heard many people dispense their ground rules of life. Great men spoke great words. Big men spoke big words. Mom said somethings too. 

But my dear young generation, for you, here are MY very own Top 10 Commandments on Life!

1) Know What's Worth fighting For. And then fight for it. It may look impossible, and chances may seem bleak. But if it is worth the plunge, effing jump.

2) Choose Those People Wisely Who Can Leave a Vacuum in your Heart when they Leave. And then, don't let'em go. *Keyword: Wisely*

3) You Can't Ask God for Someone to be in your life, or Some Job in a particular MNC, or Some Outfit from that expensive brand store. Sorry, He ain’t your secretary. What you can ask for is abundance of love, an extravagant life, smiles & happiness, domestic peace, even fame maybe. Figure out "why" you really want what you want. And spare God the details.

4) Focus on your Domestic Life, and your professional life will stable around. Professional ambition is an endless saga, everyday you can work forever. But when you know you have to get back home to tuck your kids in bed, or you have to wake up at 6 to make your mom-in-law coffee, you'll find more direction & discipline. Set your priorities. What is your big picture? What is your small sacrifice? Do you know that yet?

5) Watch your Words. Don't underestimate the power of your brain. It is almost as sharp as your tongue. If you just think a little before you speak, you can make that pretty girl smile, get your boss to hike your salary, get someone else to do your laundry, and convince mom to that runaway Las Vegas trip.

Abhilasha Dafria's Theory of Mediocrity

6) Reject Mediocrity. It's that tempting parking spot in your life's journey to its destination. It's like this: You start small, move ahead, face struggles, drag on, the road is long, stoned, hurdled, tough.
And then you see this easy de-route. It looks alright, it looks like a wise shortcut, And you tempt yourself into it. Now you've reached mediocrity. You'll be welcomed by many like you there. Most of 'em will tell you this is the best anyone could get. And that's how you'll get engulfed into this delusion. If you are lucky, realization will hit. You’ll want to break through. Then you will have to go through ‘the shit curve’ that’ll make it so difficult for you to drag on. You'll be on your own and have to go back to the starting point. There ain’t no shortcuts. That is life.

7) It's All Temporary. Your joys, your sorrows, your success, You. So brag only so much, that it doesn't come back to haunt you. And if you're going through a rough patch, know the golden words, that This too Shall Pass. No matter how dark it seems right now, there is always a soothing light at the end of the tunnel. Unless, you're Princess Diana.

8) Don't Break a Heart. Honesty, Commitment, Loyalty, is the essence of your character. It is the reflection of your upbringing. The core of your value system. It is NOT an option. It is all that you are. So honour that promise you made. Because when you break a heart, you’re out-rightly ripping off someone’s trust, mental strength, emotional investment and everything fundamental. You're breaking a multiple folds of faith that keeps humans going. Hope binds us. Don't become the disruption point in that chain. Don't destroy somebody's reason to live.

9) Meditate, Isolate, Retrospect to Humble Down. Who are you? Nothing more than a small insignificant speck on the face of this earth. When you're gone, how many people will be really affected? What is that ratio compared to the total population of this world? Country? City? Heck, even the number of people you have interacted with till date? So what are you proud of, when all you've done is affected only a minuscule irrelevant percentage of your small little cocoon? Is that your “greatness”?
You can be proud of yourself if you have made peace with the fact that you are a bloody no one.
Success builds Confidence. With Confidence comes either Humility or Pride. Humility builds Character. Character builds Success….while Pride comes just before the Fall. So when you taste initial success, make that life-defining choice.

10) Finally, Make Your Own Rules. It's your life, no one can live it for ya. It is your journey, no one can walk it for ya. So make your decisions,  take your calls. Stand up for what you believe in, man... If you won't, who will?
You know, when you were born, someone up there collected some sand in an hourglass and turned it round. Even as you read this, there is a regulated trickle of sand from the top to the bottom, at the pace of every breath you take. And once the top bulb is empty, you're going to be called back. No excuses.You just have that much time here. We have all come to die. That's our inevitable destination.
And then, how do you think would it really feel... when you die with the knowledge... that you never... really lived?

I leave you *cough* *cough* with that thought.

Love and blessings,
Your soon-to-turn older Granny,
Abhilasha Dafria

PS: Okay huge shout-out to all those people who have messaged me on FB/ mailed me etc and appreciated my blog or questioned why I have stopped writing. Like my best friend Akanksha rightly put it, once you start getting paid for writing, you can’t really blog. So yeah! The journo in me got too busy rambling. But thank you people for all the lovely messages & encouragement. I really feel humbled to know that any part of my blog has inspired you or made you smile. Special mention to you, Ms. Ankita, was very humbled to read your message on my friend’s phone. I don’t know how my blog changed your life, but I’m so happy it did. I have not earned having fans yet, but calling yourself one was a very flattering to me. So, if anything, thank YOU J

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Too Shall Pass

When the skies grow darker and the sun no longer glows
Your heart sinks every second, you chill to your toes
Afraid what to do, wondering whom to ask
Hold yourself tight girl, for this too shall pass

Your head can’t answer what your heart needs to know
You still pose a hundred questions and just won’t let it go
But the future will unfold soon, to make this present- your past
Until then, stay strong girl, for this too shall pass

You can’t change your yesterday or jump into a stable tomorrow
You will have to see yourself through today, its joy and sorrow
But what you can change is, how you look at this moment’s glass
If you try to see it half-filled girl, this too shall pass

A stuck mind, a broken heart, a false promise, or a blatant lie
Time will reason it all, and answer your what, what not and why
So if you grip yourself now, across the dark shadows’ cast
You’ll see the sunlight coming, girl.. and this too.... shall pass...

Crowd: Deshay bah-sah-ra! bah-sah-ra!... Bruce Wayne: What does that mean? ...
 Rise. (- The Dark Knight Rises)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Because There Must Be Magic... Or it's not Special Enough

I’m certain there is something more to relationships than commitment, love or trust.
There has to be something magical about the relationship. The conversation in the silence and the proximity in the distance. Yeah, that’s got to be magic. I believe in magic. And I believe in love. And I also believe in the sublime synonymy of these two words.
It should be easy to fall in love. And maybe as difficult to honour it.
Because what love propels you to do is, unknowingly build on these layers of expectations from that one someone and create your own castle of dreams. A figment of your imagination, your idea of true love, your definition of that magic, your castle. And if somewhere, when there is a mismatch of expectations, and disparity in your respective definitions, the castle shall crumble. Ash to ash. Dust to dust. Fade to black.

Slowly, the illusion clears, your expectations are not met and you don’t know whom to blame.

Maybe there is room for dialogue. Maybe you could just lower your expectations. But doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being special? If everything could be negotiated with, bargained at and talked through, how would the relationship ever mature on the ubiquity of unspoken understandings? Where, then, is the magic?

Maybe the magic is in creating a castle on the same land of understanding. Maybe it is for us to lay the foundation of understanding in reality, before getting drifted away in the idealism of love.
And maybe... it is only how much you understand each other that determines how much you can expect...

Magic lies in those 'little things' you do, that more often than not, go unsaid...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

iDrive: One for the records!

... So there was this one time, when we driving back from Philip Island to our Cranbourne home after having watched the Penguins parade and having fed the Kangaroos and Wallabies, and the good 3 hours journey started with M.Rafi to Kishore Kumar to hits of 80's, 90's to Evan di unna pethan to DK Bose and beyond.

Shuklaji ka camera. Let this one post be just for the records :-)

Aaj agar Shuklaji nahi hote- toh memories ke naam par dhool khaarahe hote hum sab desh waasi. Way to go Reedz! Shuklaji aage badhein- hum tumhaare saath hain (Idhar hi. Side main.) Rita Shukla zindabaad! Reedz for US President! This is John Connor Shukla and if you can read this, you are the Rita-istance... bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose..Bhaag bhaag DK Bosedk bhaag..bhaag bhaag DK Bose DK Bose DK Bose- RITA AAYI HAI!! *faints* I love her, and is she my best friend or friggin' WHAT!? :D