Thursday, September 25, 2008

One strange phone call....

25 th September, 2005
9.30 am

me sleeping.
cellphone rings

i somehow grab the phone beside the bed
it shows
Private number calling...

Me: uh..huh... huhllo?

X: hey! is that abhilasha?

Me: who's this??

X: Abhilasha Dafria?

me:(irritated) do i know you??

X: No, you don't know me.. but..

Me: (interrupts) well, if i don't know you, then i don't want to....goodbye....(hangs up)
(rearranges the scattered cushions and blanket grumbling)...damn these commerce romeos...neend kharab kardi...the extent they'll go to for a girls attention... bloody commerce leke toh zindagi barbaad hogayi meri...

9.40 am
phone rings again...
private number calling...
me: cuts call...
calls again..
me: puts call on silent..
call missed.
calls again
me: FED UP.
receives the call

me: (angrily) HULLO!

X: (heavy Californian accent) you want to know what I'm trying to say....

me: before that, i want to know who you are...

X: I'm a well-wisher.

me: i have no well-wishers...dude, i donno whether this is for winning a tacky bet or something...i don't know who has told you what, i just wanna say, I'M NOT THAT TYPE... plz don't call again...please...goodbye

hangs up...
calls again...

me: sigh! what do you want mister?

X: your time

me: you have already taken enough.

X: you have more than enough.

me: excuse me?

X: face it Miss Dafria.... you have just Rita with you.... now how much of your precious time will poor lil Rita take??

me: uh..first of all, if you are a spy, i don't care to explain to you anything....secondly, if you are a spy, you are a bad one ...

X: I'm a good spy. You are a bad judge.

me: izzit? so thanks for letting me know...b-bye..

X: Shes a porn star, ypur ex best frnd..

me: (zonked) eh...uh...e...sff..gsdjfd......WHATTTTTTT?!??

X: actually its a 16 min BP...

me: *outta words*...wwhat do u mean...?? who r u talking abt...??

X: My advice--- stay away from her. You have no idea who really she is.

me: seriously, what are you talking abt??

X: isn't this whats eating you up? don't worry, don't cry.... you are not in shit, but will be, if you go back to them.

me: i don't know what to did you...why are you...why are you telling me this?

X: dillydallying dilemma-- should i go back? should i not? did they cheat me? did they not? is she right? was i wrong??....too many questions, one answer.Don't turn back.

me: whats for you in it?

X: the ubiquitous nonentity

me:...donno what to say really...

X: say---> I'm a good spy....

me: ya right...WHO you are a good spy?

X: a good spy. a well wisher. and your last hope... at coming back to life...
(hangs up)

me?? Mesmerised.

Never after that day, have i received his call. I did not know who he was...I still don't....
In the above said conversation, he had narrated two incidents, which helped me majorly to get down to the crux of the then very disturbing matter...the conversation went on for 20 odd mins. after i verified his statements from different sources, a lot of truth abt a lot of ppl i trusted was exposed.

I eagerly awaited his call again. he never called. I have never heard that diction, that voice ever again.Neither the english, nor the unseen confidence.
Such unswerving speech can only be the voice of the truth. Such undeviating articulation that reflected in his voice can only be the language of the truth.When you don't need big words to make a big impact, you know you are speaking the words of truth.

Today when i turn back the pages of my 2005 diary, my heart skips a beat when i come across 25th September.I cant even contemplate the possibilities of what cud have happened hadn't i received that call.I would have been downward mobile till i would have become a victim of my own unforgiveness.

He saved me...and I didn't even get my chance to say thanks. thanks for so many things.
That one phone call bobbed up enough curiosity in me to befriend Sunny Katyal, my now The Best friend.
That one phone call taught me how to not buy words without reservation, even if those words are from your most trustworthy camaraderie...that Truth is Verifiable...
That one phone call stopped me from falling into a quicksand of filth dirt and no return.
That one phone call that showed me a disillusioned direction through enchanted evil and chiseled cheats.
That one phone call changed things, forever.
And i don't know who it was on the other end.

Now, as i think about it, it freaks me out, 3 eaxct years to a life-style changing strange phone call.... will i ever come to know who he was??
He, who gave me everything and took nothing in return.
He, who saved my 20 years in just 20 mins...
He who camly adjudicated when abounding inner-voices quarrelled in an unsure me....
He who in a clandestine manner exposed innumerable facts...
and moreover,
He who saw "ubiquitous nonentity" as his only omnipresent option...


a ringing phone has to be answered--Phone Booth


The Ink in My Veins... said...

and for petes sake this is a true life story....not a cheap ON@CC rip off... just that for obvious reasons i couldnot write the whole conversation :(

Rohan said...

^^^^^Koi comment maarne wala nahi tha iss liye khud hi maar diya lol lol..!!!
Abhilasha: STFU,i m sleepy
X: Your friend is a porn star
Fuck the comment..I NEED HER NUMBER..!!!lol lol..!!

Zubin said...

This is one of your best entries, according to me. Truly amazing experience. Y is my poor life devoid of any such exciting experiences? The frequency of my incoming calls is 1 per week :P , n nowhere close as exciting

megha said...

yaar seriously u were ryt, i was dumbstruck nd simply speechless..i never thought tht things like tht actually happen..must say a gr8 experience nd nicely expressed..

Sameeha said...

That one phone call changed things, forever.

5 phone calls actually :P uve proved again ur hatred for math! :D

nice entry.good to know samaritans still exist :)

Aamer Trambu said...

You still havent found out who did it or you dont want to share it here?

The Ink in My Veins... said...

no...i still havent.. this episode is 3 yrs old..i don think ill evr know...anyway, my ques do u guys come across a random blog? :-?

Aamer Trambu said...

now thats an interesting question i havent heard that in a while.

when your blog is followed by someone whose blog im reading, your blog ceases to be random to me. It becomes a blog of a friend's friend.

hope it answered your question

The Ink in My Veins... said...

to every quizzical question theres always an absolute every absolute answer theres always an quintessential question :)....."who, may i ask, is the common frnd here?"

Aamer Trambu said...

Dear ink in my veins,
you are crazy, had i known i was supposed to report the source of my info on your blog, i would have remembered.

Truth is there is a blogger who commented or favourites your blog, while going through her profile i clicked on the link that led me to yours.

No,i dont know who she is, i just know its a she coz that day i was following only she-blogs.

Thank you, in case you want to know how to increase traffic to your blog or other more relevant questions just drop an email, but please dont ask another one here

The Ink in My Veins... said...

lmao!!no im not interested in increasing the traffic and i by no means meant any offence to you...i am not crazy, i was just curious, "genuinely" sorry again, anyway :)

Aamer Trambu said...

Now thats confusing, "ink in my viens" is into Marketing (apparently) and doesnt want to know how to market her blog. Hmm..

you dont need to be sorry, i thought it was obvious that you wanted to know how to get the right people to visit your site and let them know your blog exists.

DO you at least know how many people visit your blog daily? or do you have no idea you can do that?

and now if you do want an answer im not writing a comment on this blog anymore. either shoot an email or bid me goodbye.